Today we want to shed some light on why it’s important to have a buyer’s agent.

The best part of working with a buyer’s agent is that it is free to you. The seller’s actually pay us to bring them qualified buyers to sell their home. So, most of the time, you can work with a buyer’s agent for free!

Now, in Colorado you can be represented by a buyer’s agent, a seller’s agent, or a transaction broker.  When you work with a buyer’s agent, you have an advocate in your corner who is looking out for your best interests and has fiduciary duties to you, not the seller.

“A buyer’s agent will work with your best interests in mind.”

Another benefit of working with a buyer’s agent is that when you go to a lender without any representation, that can make things more difficult. Lenders like to work with agents who have been through the process a number of times. If you go in without representation, you won’t have someone to guide you through the lending and buying process.

If you have any other questions about working with an agent or buying a home, just give us a call or send us an email. We would be happy to help you!