Security is a critical aspect of home ownership. Today we have a special guest to discuss some safety solutions to help protect you, your home, and your family.


Do you have a plan for keeping your family safe in 2018? Today we are joined by Ryan with WatchPoint Surveillance to discuss a couple of security options for you to consider.

For one thing, you may want to pursue the use of a home security camera, like the exterior-rated, four-megapixel high definition camera featured in the video.

Ryan recommends HD cameras like this one because the increased resolution will give you a clearer view of anything it captures. Also, this particular camera is small and unobtrusive, making it easy to hide under the eaves of your home.

In terms of data, footage can be stored on an SD card or the camera can be hooked up to an NVR cable.

“Do you have a plan for keeping your family safe in 2018?”

Cameras like this tend to cost between $90 to $100, but Ryan advises having more than one camera when setting up a surveillance system for your home. For a four-camera system, the total cost would amount to about $1,000, including installation. Then, once the system is installed, there are no future fees. The mobile app to view footage captured by the camera is also free.

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Ryan Byes
WatchPoint Security
(719) 579-6540