Do you have a Ring™ doorbell? You should know that the video from the system is not usable in a court of law in the State of Colorado.


We are joined by Ryan Byes of WatchPoint Surveillance to teach you the difference between a standard Ring™ doorbell and a true security system.

To start this conversation, is there a difference between the cheap Ring™ doorbell that I have and love versus a true security system?

Ryan says there is one really marked difference. While the Ring™ doorbells are great for some applications, the video footage is not court admissible in the State of Colorado. This means that if someone steals something from your front porch, you cannot use the footage in court.


According to Ryan, Ring™ doorbells do not meet two requirements of Colorado state law to be used in court. The first is a time and date stamp. And the second is a watermark. The watermark proves that the video has not been tampered with.

“Ring doorbells do not meet two requirements of Colorado state law to be used in court.”

Which would you rather have? Brian thinks that the court admissible option is better.

Also, the Ring™ system is a monthly service and therefore requires a monthly fee for storage.

Meanwhile, Ryan tells us that an actual security system will not require a monthly fee and will record high-quality, HD images which can be viewed through an app.

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