What are the three best renovations projects to do if you plan to sell your Colorado Springs home?

The first thing you want to do is get your priorities straight and focus on the bones of the house. Make sure the electrical systems, furnace, and roof are all in working order before you put money into any other renovation projects.

Next, protect your house by paying attention to your siding and the front door. Updating the siding and front door gets a little over 90% return on investment, so your curb appeal definitely plays a part.

“If you have a great kitchen or master bathroom, buyers may overlook other issues in the home.”

Finally, if there is room left in your budget, focus on kitchen or master bathroom renovations. Buyers pay attention to kitchens and master baths, so if you have a really great kitchen or a good master bathroom, buyers may be willing to overlook other problems. Kitchen and bathroom remodels can get you about 100% or more in return on investment.

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